Parsi Potpourri


Marine Drive

Highlights :

Art & Culture > Cultural Diversity Walk
2 Hrs
Explore the Parsi faith, daily essentials and way of life.
Visit Parsi landmarks and Indulge in their signature dishes
Conducted by a culture enthusiast who has first hand accounts of the Parsi community
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 700 per person
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Experience Description

We begin the heritage tour I host via SeekSherpa at the Marine Lines Station in South Mumbai. On this tour, we will explore the Parsi faith, daily essentials, food, and way of life!

The faith - After a round of introductions, we proceed to two of the largest Parsi Agiaries (Fire Temples) where we will learn about the different forms of worship and, all things considered sacred by the Parsi community. Entry is restricted to the Parsi faith only.

The daily essentials - We will then glance through a couple of stores that sell things that a Parsi holds dear.

The food! From here, we shall proceed to a legendary Irani Cafe (Kyani and co.) for some Irani Chai (tea) and bun maska, all the while discussing what makes Parsi cuisine so delectable.

The way of life - We shall also visit a traditional Parsi baug to see how these settlements came up and what makes them unique.

Come along, dikras and dikris (Parsi for boys and girls) while we explore the most fun-loving, free-spirited and might I add, eccentric ethnic groups of Mumbai.


INR 700

Price Inclusion

My Fee

Starts At

Outside Parsi Dairy Farm


Money for shopping (500 upward - really depends on how much you'd like to shop) and snacks

Suited For

Everyone, but specially people who like to learn about new cultures


Wear comfortable walking shoes, carry some extra cash (INR 200 onwards) if you'd like to buy some traditional items at the Agiary and for food at the Irani cafe.

5 Reviews


(Reviewed on 29 May, 2016)
We had a great time with Sherpa Ananya. Her knowledge on Parsi culture is vast. We were not aware that many of those places existed in Mumbai!We liked the Iranian cafe very much and would visit again if we get the chance. All in all it was a very nice experience. I recommended it to all my friends.


(Reviewed on 23 Aug, 2015)
Reviewed by Joseph Thomas M - Telephonically - for Sherpa Ananya - I have always wanted to know more about the Parsi way of life, and this was the way to go! Sherpa Ananya was great, and I would just tell her to continue the good work, and keep writing.


(Reviewed on 09 Aug, 2015)
Reviewed by Subhjit Sarkar - Telephonically - for Sherpa Ananya - Sherpa Ananya was affable very knowledgeable, and everything was great. My inquisitiveness about Parsi culture made me take this tour, and I have no regrets.

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 05 Jul, 2015)
Reviewed by Ganesh Nair - Telephonically - For Sherpa Ananya - An in depth insight into the culture was offered on the plate. The things that the tour offered were things that one could have maybe read on the internet. It would have been much better if the tour gave more detailed insights about the Parsi culture and if they could actually have a conversation with a Parsi family or share a meal with one and see first hand what the culture really is all about. It wasnt value for money again due to reasons mentioned above. The tour should offer something of value, not just roam around the city.

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 18 Apr, 2015)
Reviewed by Ashwani Mathur - Telephonically - For Sherpa Ananya - If a visit to a Parsi House is included, it would be wonderful. The Iranian cafe and the shops we visited; I wasn't even aware that these places exist in Mumbai. Ananya knows a lot about Parsis and their culture! Good job.

Sherpa Ananya

About Me

Wanderlusting lover of culture, food and music. Media graduate. Resident tour guide for visiting family and friends :)

Why Me

I've had the good fortune of having very close friends who are Parsi/Irani. So I've witnessed traditional Navjotes, Parsi wedding celebrations and other customs/traditions first-hand. I'm so used to how they talk, what they eat/drink and their culture tha




Marine Drive

Starts At

Outside Parsi Dairy Farm




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