Galliyon Kay Raja - A Photo Walk In Old Hyderabad


Nimrah Cafe and Bakery

Highlights :

Art & Culture > Street Photography Tour
3 Hrs
Become better at street photography after this 'learn on the go' session
The flea market, the colourful lanes and the Charminar make for the perfect subjects
Curated by a passionate photographer
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 770 per person
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Experience Description

Start your day with this photography tour that I host via SeekSherpa, and fall in love with the beautiful streets of Old Hyderabad! It is a 'learn on the go' photo walk more than a lesson.

We'll start the walk early in the morning, when there's great light for photography and the market is not as crowded. We will gather at Nimrah café at Charminar and start with a cup of Irani chai. Then we'll walk towards the high court through the by lanes. These lanes offer excellent photo opportunities, and one can see the old city wake up.

I will be taking you through -
1. The basic ground rules of photography
2. Tips and tricks
3. Helping you with angles
4. Talking about exposure, shutter speed, & natural lighting
5. And wherever else you might need help!

On the way we can stop to eat ‘dosa’ at a bandi or piping hot ‘kachoris’ near the High Court. We will cross the Sunday flea market - which has some great subjects that you can click. The walk ends at Charminar, but one can choose to stay on and climb to the top of the Charminar or visit the Mecca Masjid. You need either an advanced point and shoot camera or a DSLR for this walk with the basic kit lens (18-55, 18-105, 18-135). If you have a 35mm, 50mm or ultra-wide lens, feel free to get them along as well.

(Includes only Sherpa Fees)


INR 770

Price Inclusion

Sherpa Fees

Starts At

Nimrah Cafe and Bakery, Charminar.


INR 500 for Exegencies

Suited For

Amateur Photographers with DSLr


Please make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Get your caps and sunscreens. It's advisable to not carry much beyond your photography equipment (I also discourage use of the tripod).

7 Reviews


(Reviewed on 18 Mar, 2016)
It was great to team up, watching, listening, sharing on an early Sunday morning [even when the hotel stated 'there is nothing going on at this time of the day. Are you really sure that you want to go?']. Walking around with someone who really knows his way around is the best you can do when you are far away from home. Many thanks for your hospitality and generosity in sharing your toolkit!


(Reviewed on 10 Feb, 2016)
In a word, the tour was amazing! 12-13 people with different interests, passion and level of experience in photography were beautifully held together with good knowledge about street photography, and genuine interest to help each one. Consider the tour to be a good beginning to street photography. Please note that this is not a workshop to become experts. Overall, it is a fun tour to meet people, know a bit about street photography, take a few good shots, and take breaks to enjoy the food. All in all, a good tour to attend.


(Reviewed on 05 Jul, 2015)
Reviewed by Sharat Kumar - Telephonically - For Sherpa Abhinaba -I have photographed all across the world and this tour had soo much to do and explore, but when twice i went alone to that area i failed to get any result but this time by going with somebody who knew his way around and took us through all the by lanes, i was able to get some really good shots. The Sherpa had completely done his homework!!


(Reviewed on 05 Jul, 2015)
Reviewed by Rakesh - Telephonically - For Sherpa Abhinaba -The tour was organized well and the sherpa was very good. I did gain in terms of photography a little trick here and there, just that if it could have been a little longer in duration it would have been better.


(Reviewed on 21 Jun, 2015)
Reviewed by Hemant Nagar - On E-Mail - For Sherpa Abhinaba -Hi Abhi, It was a pleasure learning photography with u. Thanks for the tips and tricks. I enjoyed the morning very much hope we can meet again soon.

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 14 Jun, 2015)
Very knowledgeable about location & photography.

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 14 Jun, 2015)
Reviewed by Dhawal patel - Telephonically - For Sherpa Abhinaba - The best part of the tour was that it provided us with a good platform to come up and share our passion which we individualy hesitant about to do specially something with street photography.The Sherpa himself was pretty good in his pool of knowledge, the only thing which pricked me was there was less sharing of technical aspect of street photography. We straight away went to start clicking pictures without much of explaining on the various technicalities of Photography like what are the creative ways of capturing photos and all. It was pretty cheap in my opinon.

Sherpa Abhinaba

About Me

Part of Corporate Strategy in Cyient professionally, I am passionate about travel photography and portraiture, but I am getting seriously interested in documentary photography. I do the SeekSherpa walks not only because I get the opportunity to share my perspective, but also hear/see someone else's.

Why Me

Almost every weekend, I head to the Charminar and stroll around, for street photography opportunities like none other. Join me?




Nimrah Cafe and Bakery

Starts At

Nimrah Cafe and Bakery, Charminar.




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