Classical British Bombay Walk


Gateway of India

Highlights :

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3 Hrs
Get a fair understanding on the origins of the city of Bombay.
Learn about the departure and arrival of the British at the Gateway.
Conducted by history buffs!
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 1200 per person
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Experience Description

The heritage walk I host via SeekSherpa begins by the Gateway of India where you get a fair understanding on the origins of the City of Bombay before heading past the Iconic Taj Mahal Hotel to the feisty and inviting street shoppers paradise and noted eateries along Colaba Causeway.

We then pass by the Navy Memorial and the illusive Wodehouse Cathedral with its mesmerising artwork and head on towards the art district of the city and if lucky try our hand on having our names delicately put on a grain of rice!

We then stop for some tender coconut before marvelling at the Rajabai Clock Tower and pay our respects to one of the very few natural spring wells of our City.

We end the experience at the Churchgate station followed by some tea at a local cafe to continue discussions.

Some of the really cool discussions that we will have during the walk are:

A. Departure and arrival of the British at the Gateway

B. Where did the Soldiers stay during the Wars?

C. Learn about the unsung Heroes of the Indian Navy and carouse through streets and and monuments that both glimpse the past and fill you with a sense of national pride.

D. Secrets of the city from the elite Taj Mahal Hotel to the Local Taxi

E. Role played by people across religions and economic barriers.

F. Story behind the Black Horse at Kala Ghoda and Watson's Hotel

G. Secrets of the Bombay University


INR 1200

Price Inclusion

Tender Coconut, Tea and a Bottle of Water

Starts At

Dhanraj Mahal


INR 1,000 for miscellaneous expenses would not harm you! :)

Suited For

The Open Minded.


Wear respectable casuals, monsoon wear and walking shoes!

6 Reviews


(Reviewed on 12 Dec, 2015)
Reviewed by Maren Fischer - On Email - For Sherpa Viren - Thanks Viren, for a great tour. I had a really wonderful time. Thanks for being so knowledgeable about the city, and about tons of different topics beyond that, too! It made for a really fascinating tour, and I appreciated how passionate you are about showing and teaching about your city. Also, all of the different languages you speak are so cool. My favorite piece of information was learning about the etymology behind the names of India and Bombay.


(Reviewed on 03 Nov, 2015)
Reviewed by Afshan Rashid - On Email - For Sherpa Viren - You were an inspiration to all of us and you made us fall in love with Bombay; and the way you put things together and blended them with a historical background is just amazing. We all would love to invite you to Kashmir so that we have such a walk here with such an amazing, adventurous and intelligent person.


(Reviewed on 29 Aug, 2015)
Reviewed by Shubhangi Dharma - Email - Wonderful,transported us in the British Era. Interactive tour, could not realize how we were walking for four hours. Viren is very enthusiastic, in-depth knowledge of history and culture. Looking forward to take one more tour with you.


(Reviewed on 23 Aug, 2015)
Reviewed by Florian Peters - By Email - For Sherpa Viren - First of all I would to thank Viren for his passion and interests. I really enjoyed listening, discover Fort and the Indian culture aspects. I also appreciate that you addressed my questions with the same passion than your statements. I wish you all the best and think that your knowledge and business will flourish. Hope to see you again during my stay in Mumbai


(Reviewed on 15 Aug, 2015)
Reviewed by Abhay Kukretia - By Email - For Sherpa Viren - The Information given out was the highlight of the walk. In it's actual essence, it was an experience. Loved the walk, see you soon!!


(Reviewed on 15 Aug, 2015)
Reviewed by Lieutenant Commander Pranjal Sinha - By Email - For Sherpa Viren - Well, the experience of seeing a pocket of South Bombay with Viren was exclusive, extremely informative and very memorable, to say the least! Viren took care of the fact that we would be completely oblivious to the history of South Bombay, and explained to us the relevant details, right from the scratch. The heritage, the architectural marvel, the lineage of few prominent families and societies whose contributions have been noteworthy in the evolution of South Bombay, among numerous other trivia were very well explained by Viren. While the depth as well as breadth of knowledge that Viren possesses is capable of impressing you as a tourist, you would also find it very smooth to get into and continue in engaging conversations throughout your tryst with him. To cut the long story short, just pick your camera and surrender yourself with an open mind to the exclusive company of this lively and spirited man from Bombay, you are sure to celebrate!

Sherpa Viren

About Me

A passionate Cultural Enthusiast who will help you understand the WHY...

Why Me

If you want to get a true local feel and re-explore the Financial Hub of India in a different light through fun and animated story telling, I am here to help you understand the WHY to know the WHAT to see the HOW! A passionate Cultural Enthusiast and a former Taj Cultural Relations Manager.




Gateway of India

Starts At

Dhanraj Mahal




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