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Highlights :

Art & Culture > Food and Heritage Walks
2 Hrs
Understand the intimate relationships between religion, emotions, and architecture.
Interact with local vendors and appreciate age old traditions
Conducted by team in receipt of Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 3000 per person
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Experience Description

The central theme of the AgraWalks Culture Tour I host via SeekSherpa is -

> Intimacy of various Religions
> Intricacy of Architecture
> Insight into Local vendors and Age-old traditions
> Interspersed variety of items on available on sale

Forming The 4 Is for your Eyes!

1. The walking tour of Agra begins from the Agra Fort Army Gate, which was built in 1080 AD. The fort has been home to five different armies and is presently occupied by the Indian army.

2. The tour then proceeds to Ambedkar Park built to commemorate the father of the Indian Constitution, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. He was a great visionary who hailed from a backward class and is now revered as a role model and holds very important role in shaping the future for backward classes in India.

3. The next stop is the Agra Fort Railway station. Built in true British style, this station carries about 90000 passengers each day. Another aspect of the tour is to familiarize guests to Indian religions and our next stop is Jama Masjid, the biggest mosque in the city with a great Mughal history. While explaining the key features of a mosque, we shall also talk about Islam as a religion and its covenants.

4. All this walking in Agra tends to develop an appetite which is addressed at the next location, Chimman Lal Poori Wala, a 185 year old local sweet shop where guests can not only see various sweets being made but also sample them!

5. Hitting the road again, the walking tour of Agra explores a local wholesale market where the Sherpa explains the various wares on sale on how Indian markets are so much different from organized retail in most western countries. The story of the Betel leaf auction is one of the favorites.

6. Monkeys greet the way to the next attraction Mankameshwar Mandir, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The guide shall then talk about the biggest religion in India, Hinduism and its many practices and many Gods. Guests are welcome to enter the temple and see devotees going about prayer regimes.

7. The temple exits into a narrow lane bustling with colors and activities. Tasting a betel leaf Paan on this street is another unique Indian experience which lends the culture taste to this tour. Just after this lane, one can see an example of stone masonry and sculpture at the Musician’s balcony with one of the most interesting stories behind its existence.

8. Spicy Food is one thing which every tourist associates India with and the tour then proceeds to the source of this, the Rawatpara Spice market. Bound to sneeze a few times as the aroma fills the air, guests can witness heaps of red chillies and pots of Indian pickles.

9. The tour then proceeds through a cycle rickshaw ride where guests can experience the most popular means of transport in India and still see a lot of the local markets. The ride ends at the banks of the river Yamuna and guests then make way to the backside of the Taj Mahal in a car. The cherry on the top of the tour is the sunset view of the Taj Mahal from across the river. Here we offer a few add ons where guests can click pictures in Mughal Costumes or even ride a Camel.
The tour ends here and the car drops guests back to their respective hotels.

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INR 3000

Price Inclusion

1.Services of a trained Agra Walks tour guide.
2. Cycle Rickshaw ride during the tour.
3. 01 Bottle of Mineral Water and tasting of some Indian snacks during the tour.
4. Agra Walks surprise gift.
5. Temple tips and Mehtabh Bagh entry tickets

Starts At

Agra Walks, Bibhab Mansion, Next to Hotel Gateway, Fatehabad Road, Agra


Yes, any sum of money between Rs. 500 to Rs.2000 is fine. Reason - In our experience, we have seen that when the guests visit the old markets and see some local attractions, they get fascinated and want to buy the local stuff available on sale.

Suited For

Those who want to get an insight into the real Indian culture and its age old traditions.


Please wear shoulder and knees covered clothes, as we visit a mosque and temples during the tour. Do not carry your passports for the tour. Wear comfortable shoes, as it is a walking tour and wearing nice and fancy slippers might not be a very good idea.

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(Reviewed on 23 Mar, 2016)
Excellent tour of the old quarters of Agra. Highly recommended .

Sherpa Agra

About Me

AgraWalks was set up with the aim of providing a real cultural experience of the Heritage city of Agra to the tourists. It is a small startup by two young natives of Agra who are passionate about their city and have the zeal to explore more and more tourist opportunities in their city, as they feel that the city has immense tourist potential, having Taj by their side. AgraWalks has hosted about 1000 travelers across 35 different nations in its 18 months of operations and has been reviewed excellent by all of them. In May 2015, AgraWalks got its ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from TripAdvisor marking its success worldwide. We, at AgraWalks aim to bridge the gap between the tourists and the locals, by enabling them to ‘Be a part of the scene’ and make the most of their trip while they are in the city.

Why Me

To explore the city as a Native! Masters in Commerce from Dayalbagh University in Agra. Young Entrepreneur and a passionate citizen of Agra with a wish to provide different experiences and to show a different side of the city to each person visiting Agra.





Starts At

Agra Walks, Bibhab Mansion, Next to Hotel Gateway, Fatehabad Road, Agra




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