A Rendezvous With Ramzan - Iftar Food Walk!


Chandni Chowk

Highlights :

Food > Ramzan Food Walk
3 Hrs
Visit Old Delhi in the special month of Ramzaan - Tasting some of the delicious and exclusive Ramzaan delicacies
We understand the history behind Ramzaan and its significance, inside Jama Masjid
From Kebabs, Biryanis to Nahari and Quorma, all of it is up for grabs, followed by some delightful desserts!
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INR 595 per person
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Experience Description

Ironically, the month of Ramzan, where one fasts for 30 days, gives rise to some of the most delicious and mouth-watering treats in the city. And all of this is available only during the special period of Ramzan when the Iftar is taken after sunset. Delhi 6 is the hub of this hullabaloo and that's where I'll be taking you on this Old Delhi Ramzan walk I host via SeekSherpa.

Introduction - We will discuss the history and significance of the holy festival of Ramzan while sitting inside the Jama Masjid and gorging on awesome lesser known treats such as the Keema Samosa, Paneer Jalebi, and Khoya Samosa which are only available during this time of the year.

Main Course - Lip-smacking Non-vegetarian food is available in the area, but vegetarians won't be left far behind! Kebabs, Biryani, Nahari, Changezi, Tikka, Quorma, and Stew - all of them are on offer. I'll help you pick what's going to be most enjoyable for your palate!

Shakes - Watermelon, Apple, Khajur, Anjeer, and Banana. Take your pick. (Some of them are only available during Ramzan!) A royal dessert with ice cold cream awaits us at the end of our Ramzan walk!


INR 595

Price Inclusion

Sherpa Fee

Starts At

Chawri Bazar Metro Station Gate Number 3


INR 300-500 for food expenses.

Suited For

Vegetarians (egg eaters),Non Vegetarians (non beef eaters),Non Vegetarians (beef eaters)


Dress conservatively since we would be entering the mosque - no shorts or sleeveless!

2 Reviews


(Reviewed on 25 Aug, 2016)
Rohan was a wonderful and engaging guide. I had a wonderful time with him.

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 18 Jun, 2016)
Reviewed on Email by Sidika Sehgal The Iftaar food walk was a lovely experience!! I'm a big foodie and thankfully a non vegetarian, so the food walk was perfectly designed for someone like me. Sherpa Rohan was a wonderful sherpa.. He knew the exact places to take us to and didn't disappoint even if we wanted to do something that wasn't as per plan ( if there was one). A very important aspect of enjoying food is knowing it's cultural significance and more importantly, it's social and cultural and in this case, because it was a ramzan food walk, it's religious context. Sherpa Rohan knew exactly what he was talking about and that gave so much more meaning to food walk. Keep it up! And please spam my inbox with notifications of future food walks that happen elsewhere in Delhi!!! I think that really emphasizes how much I enjoyed lol I'd also love to be a part of this, I'm not sure if I know the city well enough to be a sherpa. I've lived in Delhi all 18 years of my life. But I would be delighted to discuss this further. I'm currently in my first year of college at Lady Shri Ram College for Women and can always take out time on weekends to do this. Let me know!! Kind Regards Sidika Sehgal

Sherpa Rohan

About Me

Journalist in the past, a student of law now, hard-core Dilliwaala always! I am an explorer of the myriad hues of life, my city and myself.

Why Me

Journalist in the past, a student of law now, hard-core Dilliwaala always! I am an explorer of the myriad hues of life, my city and myself. Exploring my city, especially heritage, culture and food, has always been my foremost hobby. I have been associated with informal heritage and food groups in the city, with whom I go to such walks every weekend. I have been wandering around the streets of Delhi for as long as I've known.




Chandni Chowk

Starts At

Chawri Bazar Metro Station Gate Number 3




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