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2 Hrs
Covers 6 famous eateries in Agra very well known for the variety and quality of food.
Indulge in Paranthas, Indian sweets, delectable kebabs, and what not!
Conducted by team in receipt of Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 1500 per person
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Experience Description

Agra Food Trail that I host via SeekSherpa is a food tour of Agra that covers 6 famous eateries in Agra very-well known for their variety and quality of food offered.

The tour starts from picking up of the guests from their hotel in our A/C vehicles. We then make our way towards our first eatery - Rambabu Paratha Bhandar. Paratha is flat, round snack made up of wheat flour with the stuffing of different vegetable, cottage cheese or spices, or sometimes the mixture of all of these. Rambabu Paratha Bhandar was started in the year 1930. With almost 85 years of experience, today the third generation offers around 16 different varieties of Parathas served with two types of curries, chutney(sauce)and pickles.

When we are done tasting the parathas, we move on to our next joint, that is Deviram Sweet Shop where we have an option of tasting about 60 different varieties of Indian traditional sweets. Deviram Swwet shop is around 70 years old sweet shop, known for its taste and quality of food. Apart from sweets, it is also famous for Bedai, a variant of Kachori, served with spicy potato curry and curd (yoghurt) along with Jalebi. Another famous delicacy offered by Deviram are it’s Samosas. Samosas are made up of white flour covering and stuffed potatoes and are deep fried to get that mouth-watering taste, which it is worldwide famous for.

We then head back to our third food joint - Mama Chicken House which is a paradise for all non-veg lovers. Mama Chicken Franky offers about 50 different varities of veg and non-veg items including chicken, mutton & veg rolls, kebabs, kathi rolls, keema and rumali roti, paneer tikkas, chicken and mutton tikkas etc.

We then make our way towards the very famous chaat gali (lane) of Agra which is famous of immense varieties of chaats. The street is filled with chaat walas (chaat vendors) and offers about 40-45 different varieties of chaat. Amongst the most famous ones are Pani puri, aloo chaat, aloo tikki, pav bhaji, dahi papdi chaat, dahi gunjiya, bhel puri etc. After tasting all these different mouth-watering varieties of chaats, we then move onto tasting the very well known Indian Burger - Vada Pav. Vada Pav is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the Indian state of Maharashtra, consisting of a potato fritter in a bread bun.

At last, we make our way to Panchhi Petha, which is the most reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of huge assortment of Petha, Petha is a sweet made of white pumpkin and is native to Agra. The artisans who were involved in building the Taj Mahal are responsible for the invention of Petha. The Petha comes in 17 different varieties. At the end of the tour, we give a souvenir of a box of Petha and Dalmoth (snack) to the guests, so that they go back with the sweets memories of the tour. We then get onto our vehicles and make our way back to the hotel. The Agra Food Trail is a journey, not just of taste, but of knowledge, as our passionate Sherpas show guests how this food ended up on their plate.

This 1 to 2 hour food tour has been specially developed for people who have a passion for food and a taste for variety. It covers all the oldest and famous eateries of Agra where guests can taste local delicacies at places like Rambabu Paratha Bhandar, Agra Chaat House and Panchhi Petha and is targeted at delivering 100% gastronomic satisfaction.


INR 1500

Price Inclusion

1. Services of a trained Agra Food Trail Sherpa.
2. Car services during the tour
3. Tasting of snacks/delicacies during the tour.
4. A box of Petha as a souvenir gift at the end of the tour.

Starts At

Rambabu Paratha Bhandar, Belanganj


Yes, anything between Rs. 500 and 2000 is good. The expense could be made on buying some local savories or to tip the Sherpa.

Suited For

Vegetarians (egg eaters),Vegetarians (non-egg eaters),Non Vegetarians (non beef eaters)


Not to take heavy meals afleast 2 hours prior to the tour.

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Sherpa Agra

About Me

AgraWalks was set up with the aim of providing a real cultural experience of the Heritage city of Agra to the tourists. It is a small startup by two young natives of Agra who are passionate about their city and have the zeal to explore more and more tourist opportunities in their city, as they feel that the city has immense tourist potential, having Taj by their side. AgraWalks has hosted about 1000 travelers across 35 different nations in its 18 months of operations and has been reviewed excellent by all of them. In May 2015, AgraWalks got its ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from TripAdvisor marking its success worldwide. We, at AgraWalks aim to bridge the gap between the tourists and the locals, by enabling them to ‘Be a part of the scene’ and make the most of their trip while they are in the city.

Why Me

To get 100% gastronomical satisfaction. Masters in Commerce from Dayalbagh University in Agra. Young Entrepreneur and a passionate citizen of Agra with a zeal to show a different side of the city to each person who visits Agra.





Starts At

Rambabu Paratha Bhandar, Belanganj




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