Dilli Haat through a Cultural Lens


Dilli Haat

Highlights :

Art & Culture > Special Tours/Walks
3 Hrs
A 360 degree tour of the wares and cultures of India's 29 states in under 3 hours.
Shop and eat from each state's own special section.
Conducted by an avid foodie, traveller and pro bargainer!
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 800 per person
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Experience Description

The aim of this cultural tour of Dilli Haat I host via SeekSherpa is to capture the essence of the distinguished traditions of India from her 29 states all in under 3 hours. At Dilli haat each state displays its own art form, food, and culture. Dilli haat is the culmination of all these states presenting their own wares beautifully.

Through our walk we will see and interact with various artisans and their traditional work.
You will get an insight into their different cultures, where they come from, and the history of their art forms and traditions. From Kashmiri Pashminas to Hyderabadi pearls to handicrafts by tribes of Jharkhand to Worli paintings and stone art to Sikkim momos, we will experience India in under 3 hours.


INR 800

Price Inclusion

Sherpa Fees

Starts At

INA Metro Gate Number 3


Shopping: INR 500-5000

Suited For

Art lovers, explorers and travelers who want an insight into the life of people here and different cultures. Also suitable for avid shoppers who want to take home some of the best and distinguished art pieces and specialities from all over the country!


Dress according to the weather. Carry a bag to stuff in all your purchases!

4 Reviews


(Reviewed on 03 Sep, 2016)
Amazing Experience. Great way to spend an afternoon experiencing Dilli Haat in a completely mesmerising way. Sherpa Nandini takes you on a journey across different states showcasing their craftsmanship and intricate works created by skilled and humble craftsman; along side imparting knowledge about different art styles and techniques. One gets to see amazing detailed miniature paintings from Udaipur, leather goods from Rajasthan, tribal work from Jharkhand, the Palm leave story telling of Odissa and so much more. During the tour you should definitely try the delicacies that various states have to offer and don't forget to ask Sherpa Nandini for her expert advice. From my personal experience, the fruit beer is a must to freshen you up. Thank you Sherpa Nandini for the wonderful journey.


(Reviewed on 01 Sep, 2016)
Had a great time exploring the Dilli Haat Market with Sherpa Nandini. She has a vast knowledge of the arts and craft sold and their cultural background. A very friendly and communicative person, time flew by during our tour. In addition, she is more than willing to help you to strike a good deal. Truly worth the expenses and the time!


(Reviewed on 14 Aug, 2016)
One could fall into the trap of pigeonholing Dilli Haat as no more than a shopper's paradise. But Sherpa Nandini, through her enthusiasm and her involved research into various art forms, can help re-imagine this place as a microcosm of the wonderful diversity this nation has to offer. On the eve of the 14th of August, I really don't think there's a better way to get a sense of the country than to experience the crafts, arts and the people who're drawn from various parts to sell their trade here. I learnt how to distinguish Madhubani art from the rest, and also the unique nature of palm-leaf painting. Some of the artwork is at a level that it deserves to have an exhibition at MoMA. And you'd have to gape at the level of articulation in miniature painting. Throw in leather lamp shades from Andhra, real leather bags of different shapes and sizes, intricately woven carpets and you can easily get lost in this wonder-world. Yet all of this detail would have remained unrealised if not for Sherpa Nandini. She knows her way around here, and if you are really into picking up a thing or two (or more!) from this wonder-world, she knows where you can get the best. This was my first experience with Seek Sherpa, and I won't even think twice before signing up for the next one.


(Reviewed on 02 Dec, 2015)
A wonderful job of showing us around! A hardened bargainer, Sherpa Nandini can help you find just the bargain that you want. She can also guide you on a culinary journey of the various Indian regions and introduced us to the famous Rajistani Pyaaz Kachori and the Southern Indian Dosa. A tour worth doing if you have an afternoon where you really want to get quality cultural wares from India. Thank you Sherpa Nandini. Dilli Haat is a wonderful market showing the cultural wares and foods of all the regions of India..

Sherpa Nandini

About Me

Hi. I'm a third year mathematics student from Delhi studying at Ramjas college, DU. I love to travel (whenever I get the chance), and explore. I find humanity and life intriguing, and people very interesting!

Why Me

I find people and different cultures very interesting. I have been going to this place since childhood because I love it for the vividness of the cultures of India that it displays. Over the years, I have even come to know a few of the many craftsmen that come here from all parts of India. Also, being a history enthusiast, I know about the culture of 'haats' that has been prevalent in India for so many years. So get set and go! A mathematics student from Delhi, studying at Ramjas College, Delhi University. I love to travel and explore. If I earn, I earn to travel and my goal is to travel to earn. I have a way with people, and the experiences and stories each person has to tell is food for my thoughts!




Dilli Haat

Starts At

INA Metro Gate Number 3




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