A Brush with the Art Galleries of South Mumbai



Highlights :

Art & Culture > Art Appreciation Walk
2 Hrs
Visit 3 iconic Art Galleries of South Mumbai among other architectural gems
Learn to perceive and appreciate art and its various forms
Conducted by an art and history aficionado
Co-curated by SeekSherpa
INR 1200 per person
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Experience Description

Mumbai fosters art, culture and creativity in its every nook and corner and exploring this can be a magical experience. The purpose of this tour is to familiarize you with the art and architecture of South Mumbai.

The art tour I host via SeekSherpa aims at familiarizing you with how to look and perceive art and its various forms. The tour enlists the following -

1. We start with the Asiatic library, and see it from outside ( We do not enter the building, however on a daily membership fee of INR 100, we could enter. It is one of the best forms of British architecture pan India, and hence nothing but this as a better place to start off the walk. We talk about the history of the building, after which we head over to the Jehangir Art Gallery at Kala Ghoda.

2. At the Jehangir Art Gallery, we head inside to see two exhibitions and engage with the emerging artists, learning about their inspirations and the ways in which they hone their craft. Outside the Jehangir Art Gallery, we might find some local artists selling their local art creations (their presence is weather-sensitive)

3. From Jehangir Art Gallery, we go to the Delhi Art Gallery, where we see the current exhibitions taking place by extremely established artists. Please note that the Delhi Art Gallery is shut on Sundays.

4. We also visit the Kenneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue (the Blue Synagogue) and learn about the history of the Jewish Community in Mumbai.

5. We then take a five minute walk through the lanes of Colaba to the National Gallery of Modern Art. This gallery contains some of the best photography and videography in the country. The entry is subject to an exhibition being there on place.

(Note : We will not be visiting all the art galleries on the same day. Visits to the art galleries will be dependent on exhibiting artists.


INR 1200

Price Inclusion

Sherpa Fees

Starts At

Outside Asiatic Library


Please carry INR 500 for shopping and other expenses.

Suited For

Art lovers, Students, Researchers, & History buffs


Please note that this art walk is not meant for children below the age of 15. Carry a Photo ID and dress comfortably.

9 Reviews


(Reviewed on 30 Jan, 2017)
It was a wonderful tour with our guide Reeti Roy from seeksherpa. The tour was quite informative and really appreciate Reeti for educating us with interesting historical facts and trivia about architecture and arts. The 2 hours spent on the tour was a great experience and is highly recommended :-)


(Reviewed on 28 Dec, 2015)
Seek Sherpa strives to provide meaningful experiences which are lively and insightful at the same time. Sherpa Reeti thoroughly guided all the travellers and put in much needed spontaneity and fun. A memorable, multi-faceted journey like the city itself, I look forward to being a part of similar trips again.


(Reviewed on 16 Dec, 2015)
Reviewed by Gagandeep Kaur - On Email - For Sherpa Reeti - It was an extremely informative and insightful tour. In just two hours Reeti managed to introduce us to the basics of art. It is hard to believe but even our teenage daughter found the tour interesting. Reeti's thorough knowledge and her strong and genuine interest in art and history made the tour unforgettable. I can easily say that the tour was way beyond my expectations...:)


(Reviewed on 11 Oct, 2015)
It was my first experience with seek sherpa. In one word it was amazing. Thanks to our guide Reeti roy for knowledge sharing. I had been to the same place many times before. But this time it was a completely different feel. I enjoyed every step that I took all the way. Thank you seek sherpa and especially Reeti. Hope to join you again ! Thank you


(Reviewed on 05 Oct, 2015)
There is a book I recently read called On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz where the author actually walks around the same block with 7 different people (amongst others a geologist, an urban sociologist, a physician, an artist , and a sound designer) and each person provides a new perspective on the same block and new outlooks on the same things. I think this was what the tour did for me today. I have been to the these areas and seen similar exhibitions before. But today's tour really shone a very different perspective and brought a much deeper appreciation for some of the institutions in South Bombay. Learning that an original copy of Dante's Divine Comedy was available just steps away from where we stood set an expectation that I didn't expect to be surpassed. But it truly did. It was really informative and I don't think I'll ever see art galleries the same way again. Thanks for all the effort and time.


(Reviewed on 05 Oct, 2015)
It was my first tour with SeekSherpa and I had the pleasure of exploring art galleries of south Bombay with Reeti. I never had such a great time on a tour before. The best thing about Reeti is her passion for art and deep knowledge about the history. She is the perfect combination of a knowledgeable guide and a thorough professional. I found a good friend in her after the tour. I am sure she will make a great tour guide if she continues her passion for art by organising such tours. I would be more than happy to recommend her as a tour guide to any art lover or history buff. Keep rocking Reeti and all the best for your future tours :)


(Reviewed on 25 Sep, 2015)
A very informative, unpretentious tour of a few splendid places in South Bombay conducted by a vivacious tour guide. What else could you ask for? :)

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 18 Jul, 2015)
Reviewed by Sharan Bains - Telephonically - For Sherpa Reeti - I would rate the experience a 3 out of 5.

Tele Review

(Reviewed on 17 May, 2015)
A lot of trivia was shared with us.

Sherpa Reeti

About Me

Butterfly collector.Optimist.Dreamer.Foodie :)

Why Me

I have always been fascinated by old architecture and the history and the people that inhabit a place.





Starts At

Outside Asiatic Library




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