Dangerous Dining in Dongri and Boharimohalla!

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3-8 people : Rs 1200 pp. & 2.5 hours! (Includes - My Fee)

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Professional chef, wine marketer, and a foodie to the core!

Why me?

Former chef with Taj and now working with a multinational wine company. With such credentials and a natural Parsi eccentricity, can you think of anyone cooler to show you the local places? ;)I am a born foodie, I dabble in various interests including food and wine. And I believe that food is the gateway to understanding the true culture and history of a place.

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English, Hindi, Marathi

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Mumbai is a land renowned for many things, but most notoriously for its dark underbelly where gangsters and crime overruled everything else once upon a time. The legends hold that some menacingly exquisite food evolved out of these menacing areas, which would make for a fine culinary experience! This tour is for those with nerves of steel and obsession for good food who will overcome these apprehensions and venture into this tour with a promise of divinely tasty food!. Perhaps it would even become a worthy adventure, a tale to tell and remember! The tour will start in the evening with a small drinking session (optional), just to whet our appetites. Then we would explore the colourfully chaotic streets of Dongri for and pit stop at a famed restaurant that earns the patronage of a famous flimstar currently languishing in jail. We can marvel at the classic Hussein painting that was gifted to the owner by Hussein himself!(but don't peep into the kitchen, it'll ruin your appetite), and eat some legendary fare with flavors that are so delicate, yet so complex and peculiarly mesmerizing! After this we would take a walk down the famous lanes of Bohari mohalla, where you could get some a glimpse into the creations of the Bohori community of Mumbai. One such famed creation is the exotic sounding "Bara handi" , roughly translated as the "12 pot style of cooking", where an old wizard-like master chef conjures up the most flavourful meat stew with different cuts of meat slowly cooking in 12 pots. We end the tour at one of Mumbai's oldest hand churned ice-cream destinations. The tour will give you a first hand adventurous feel of the unique flavours of Mumbai and what the city has to offer. It is not for the faint hearted! So if you can brave it, experience this uniquely flavourful journey with me, where the marriages of meat and grease, crime and ice-cream reign supreme!

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Eating! Are you creating a gastronomical adventure?

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North Indian + Mughlai, South Indian


2.5 hours

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Time - Early Evening (4PM-7PM), Late Evening (7PM-10PM), Night Crawler (9PM-12PM) - Days - Weekdays, Public Holidays

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12-24 hours - in advance!

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This is what I call a garage eating experience - no frills, hence be adventurous, try out new things!

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Food: 1000


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Starts and ends at VT Station
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