Better Than Grey - The Street Art of Shahpur Jat

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New Delhi
2-7 people : Rs 1500 pp. & 2 hours! (Includes - My fee, two bottles of water for all)

About Me

Who am I?

Ex-journalist, heading an arts & entertainment start-up

Why me?

Street art, photography, food or shopping, if you think you know Shahpur Jat, take a walk with me to get a closer look.

Languages spoken by Sherpa

English, Hindi, Smattering of French and German

Experience Details

What is the experience about?

In the nooks and crannies of an urban village, artists from all over the world have transformed spaces with street art works of all sizes - from small stencilled pieces to 20-feet works to marvel at. In this guided tour I'll walk you through these and enchant you with tales. In this South Delhi locality, known mainly for its fashion boutiques, a massive cat with a ball of yarn looks over people going about their daily business, a blue crane preens its feathers as shoppers scurry about, and boys look out from walls waiting for me and you to come by and have a chat. This in city walk includes a unique shopping experience and sampling of various cuisines (at the traveller's cost). We'll have a great time sightseeing!

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Market Walks


2 hours

Customer Reviews!

Varun Goel - Reviewed on - 01/09/15 - Rating - 6.5 on 7

The descriptive knowledge about photography. It was nice and amazing. Looking forward to more of such tours.

Divya Pandey - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 5.5 on 7

I was only one person, so got full attention, all questions were answered. Kind of a personalized tour which is good. He is a very nice person, knowledgeable. Hope to see him soon at HKV maybe :)

Jayendra Duorah - Reviewed on - 1/19/2015 - Rating - 5.25 on 7

There was a new insight to the street art which I had never experienced before.

Booking Details


Time - Mid Morning (10AM-1PM), AfterNoon (1PM-4PM), Early Evening (4PM-7PM) - Days - Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun), Weekdays, Flexible/On-Demand

Experience suited for

Creative people, photographers, artists, and students

Experience should be booked

48 hours above! - in advance!

Any Notes

Dress modestly, avoid shorts and short skirts in the village. Mild sunscreen, flats/walking shoes, ideally carry a camera.

Pricing Details

What does the price include?

My fee, two bottles of water for all

Any extra cash traveller should carry?

Food & Shopping: INR 2000-2500


Start and End Locations

Starts and ends at Shahpur Jat, near Asiad Village
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