Where Art Thou? - Experiencing Modern Art

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New Delhi
3-6 people : Rs 500 pp. & 3 hours! (Includes - Sherpa Fee)

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10th, 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th April


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About Me

Who am I?

An enthusiastic explorer and conversationalist, history and people alike have intrigued me ever since childhood. Hoping to show you a glimpse of this city I call home.

Why me?

Ahhh...Delhi! One of the best amalgamations of the old, new and all things odd. And what better way to explore these unique intricacies through the eyes of a local! Having lived at various places in Delhi, my knowledge about the city stems from my curiosity to know anything and everything, and willingly pass it on to make this world a slightly more informed place. So hop on to explore the cultural vibrancy of Delhi with a conversationalist and a listener.

Languages spoken by Sherpa

English, Hindi, and a little bit of German

Experience Details

What is the experience about?

A wise man once said that people need to see Art as a trigger for experiences and not as quality objects. In other words, this guy was deep (So deep that I almost saw Adele rolling... Please don't kill me for this). But what he did get right was the fact that art shouldn't be reserved for the intellectually (over) stimulated. It should be communicated with everyone alike. And that's where I come in! My aim is simple - To decode art in the most killer way possible, which is -Through stories of painters and their lives, their artistic eccentricities, inspirations, unique choice of muses, anecdotes etc. coupled with a (dry) sense of humour. Our tour kick starts outside the new wing where you will come across an installation of steel utensils (No kidding). A quick selfie later, we head inside where we will be covering the four major levels of the gallery over the next 2 hours. During the tour, I will help decode the mystery of art for you, introduce you to as many artists and their works as possible and happily answer your queries. And all of this will be done without using any fancy words! Now, doesn't that make things a lot easier for everyone? J So hop on and get ready to experience a high for your senses in a no-fuss manner. Cause that is exactly what art was always intended for!

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Special Tours/Walks

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Monument/Museum Walks, Temples/Religious institutions Walks, Markets Walks, Catching a play at the theatre hub in Delhi- Mandi house


3 hours

Customer Reviews!

Mahima walia - Reviewed on - 12/25/2014 - Rating - 5 on 7

I wished we could have spent more time in the museum.

Nikhil Kashyap - Reviewed on - 01/09/15 - Rating - 4.75 on 7

The Sherpa was amicable and enthusiastic, and was willing to discuss art in length! Perhaps delivery could be experience. It could have been better with more information and research.

Shirin Soni - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 6 on 7

Sherpa was giving full attention to us, answered our questions. So, it was like a personal guided tour which was the best part. I liked her as a person and hope to see her again :)

Vandana Walia - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 5 on 7

Mitalee was really nice as an art enthusiast! The experience would have been better if we would have spent more time inside the museum!

Ayesha - Reviewed on - 1/20/2015 - Rating - 4.25 on 7

I loved my experience.. I have nothing but positive things to say. I liked the way the tour was carried out.. And the information and depth of knowledge that the Sherpa had. She seemed passionate which made the experience very cool and enjoyable. Also had a nice sense of humour. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and do this tour with you. I have spread the word.. Please keep up your enthusiasm. Best wishes!

Booking Details


Friday to Saturday. Morning 11 to 1

Experience suited for

Anyone who thinks that art is boring and/or knows nothing about it. Allow me to change your mind and take you for an experience you won't forget :)

Experience should be booked

24-48 hours - in advance!

Any Notes

Carry a valid student ID if you have one. Wear comfortable and non-squeaky shoes.

Pricing Details

What does the price include?

Sherpa Fee

Any extra cash traveller should carry?

None whatsoever. But if you plan to shop at the Gallery gift shop, please carry accordingly! (Yes, they do have some pretty neat stuff!)


Start and End Locations

Starts outside Gate no. 3 of the National Gallery of Modern Art & ends Outside 'New Wing' of the NGMA
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