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Travel Maniac!

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I am a major travel enthusiast (and off late, a travel professional) who came to Mumbai 9 years ago and fell hopelessly in love with Bandra, eventually making it my home. An aficionado of history and cultural pursuits, I believe that the best experiences can always be found on the off the beaten track.

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Experience Bandra on a walking tour like one of the locals of this beautiful area with its multicultural history, existing villages within the metropolitan setup, the unique local food and culture & the attractions that vary from beautiful basilicas, modern graffiti art, seaside promenades. I will walk you through the heritage structures that speak of Bandra's rich legacy from its original fishermen inhabitants to its Portuguese and British colonial past.

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Monument/Museum Walks, Temples/Religious institutions Walks, Markets Walks, Memorials/Parks Walks, City Tours


3 hours

Customer Reviews!

Shruti - Reviewed on - 01/09/15 - Rating - 6 on 7

Stacy's hosting capability was awesome and I really liked it. It was fantastic being with her and she made my day.

Gunjan - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 6.5 on 7

Discovered a new part of Mumbai in a very different way. Keep up the good work!

Sanket - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 5 on 7

Frustrating or unappealing about the experience? -- There should be more homework done when it comes to History part of the tour. -- Like best about the experience? -- Have been a part of the same city but the tour showed a different side of it. That was the best part. - Any tips for your Sherpa? - There should be more homework done when it comes to History part of the tour. - Leave him/her a message! - Stacy was fun, interactive and would certainly refer the experience to his his friends :)

Shantanu - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 5.5 on 7

It was a good experience. and at the end of the tour, Stacy took us the to the Fort and the view of Sealink was awesome from there. Keep it up!

Shereen - Reviewed on - 1/14/2015 - Rating - 4.75 on 7

The Bandra walk was a good experience. I am not from Mumbai, so experiencing the lifestyle of Bandra, Old streets and narrow lanes was good. Stacy did a reasonably good job. She enjoys what she is doing!

Mansi - Reviewed on - 1/15/2015 - Rating - 4 on 7

It was a very well thought out experience with a good route and it was mapped really well.

Subu - Reviewed on - 1/16/2015 - Rating - 6.25 on 7

Frustrating or unappealing about the experience? -- - starting point, map was not really accurate -- Like best about the experience? --The inside lanes of Bandra was the best part about the experience. Doing a good job, can do much better!

Aparna - Reviewed on - 1/19/2015 - Rating - 6.25 on 7

The Graffiti in the area, on the walls was the best part about the experience for me. Sherpa was good!

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Time - Early Morning (7AM-10AM), Late Evening (7PM-10PM), Night Crawler (9PM-12PM) - Days - Weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun), Public Holidays, Flexible/On-Demand

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Culture Buffs

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48 hours and above - in advance!

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Carry a camera. Wear good walking shoes.

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My fee

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Start and End Locations

Starts at Bandra, ends at Hill Road
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